Roads and Maritime Services Concrete Works
for Bridges (Grey Card)

Construction Workers


PH: (02) 6582 3393

This course is intended for delivery to bridge crews who are required to work within Roads and Maritime Services QA Specification B80 Concrete work for bridges. This complys with roadworks and bridgeworks contracts let by Roads and Maritime Services or by local councils in NSW or ACT.

This Specification sets out the requirements for bridgeworks for:

(a) the supply and delivery of all concrete, cement mortar and grout for cast-in-place and precast concrete members used in the Works;

(b) the design, construction, erection and removal of the formwork;

(c) the supply, fabrication and fixing of the reinforcing steel and other embedded items; and

(d) the placing, compacting, finishing and curing of the concrete, cement mortar and grout.

Course content covers:

Roads and Maritime Services NSW issued a Grey card on successful completion of the course.