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To transition to the new laws, from 30 September 2011, operators in NSW no longer need a certificate of competency to operate a Front end loader (LL), Front end loader/backhoe (LB), Front end loader of the skid steer type (LS) or Excavator (LE). However, the PCBU (or controllers of the plant) must ensure that the operators have received adequate information and training, and/or are supervised, so that any risks to health and safety are minimised.

To assist determine an operator’s competency, appropriate training or experience could include that they hold a previous certificate of competency issued by a regulator, such as WorkCover, hold a statement of attainment or other nationally recognised qualification for the type of plant they will be operating, have completed training at an industry training school, or hold an industry competency card for the relevant item of plant, have been trained on-the-job by an experienced and competent person or demonstrate experience and competency, which can be verified by a previous employer.


This training meets the requirements of a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in any of the below competencies:
RIIMPO318A Conduct skid steer loader operations
RIIMPO319A Conduct backhoe/loader operations
RIIMPO320A Conduct civil construction excavator operations
RIIMPO321A Conduct civil construction wheel loader operations
RIIMPO322A Conduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations
RIIMPO323A Conduct civil construction dozer operations
RIIMPO324A Conduct civil construction grader operations
RIIMPO325A Conduct civil construction scraper operations
RIIMPO327A Conduct pipe layer operations
RIICRC308A Conduct paver operations
RIICRC309A Conduct stabiliser operations
RIIHAN303A Conduct integrated tool carrier operations
RIIHAN309A Conduct telescopic materials handler operations
RIIMPO311A Conduct haul truck operations
RIIMPO315A Conduct tractor operations
RIIMPO316A Conduct self propelled compactor operations
RIIMPO317A Conduct roller operations
RIIMPO326A Conduct civil construction water cart operations
RIIMPO328A Conduct continuous bucket trencher operations
RIIVEH304A Conduct tip truck operations


Participants will receive a Statement of Attainment for the specific plant item

Towards Certificate III Civil in Construction RII30809

This qualification is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework

Nationally Recognised Training