CPCCWHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card)

Construction Workers


WTSD PTY LTD, as a Registered Training Organisation, has approval to conduct General Induction Training in NSW under the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2017. Our nominated Trainers are listed on Safework NSW Online Environment (OLE).

A person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure that general construction induction training is provided to a worker engaged by the person who is to carry out construction work, if the worker has not successfully completed general construction induction training, or successfully completed general construction induction training more than 2 years previously and has not carried out construction work in the preceding 2 years.


To be eligible to attend the White card course a participant is required to show the RTO nominated Trainer ORIGINAL Evidence of Identity documents that add up to 100 points. Within these documents the participant must be able to show a photo, date of birth (minimum 14 years), signature and current address. Some special provisions may apply to participants that do not meet these requirements. Contact our office for details of acceptable evidence of identity and special provision arrangements.

Participants will be issued with a Safework NSW Statement of Training on the day (valid for 60 days) and Safework NSW will send a card out in the mail once the application have been processed.